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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Burgundy Horizontal Corduroy Trousers from Cordings

Photo by Salt Water New England
New Burgundy Horizontal Corduroy Trousers from Cordings of Piccadilly.
Examples of Other Cordings Trousers this Season:


  1. I was hoping for the flannel and cavalry twill trousers to be available in more colors this year as I have two pairs of those on the bottom link. Sadly, there are no button fly chinos in my size either. The website no longer says where the moleskin jeans are made so I'll assume production has moved from Britain to another country. My only option appears to be more cords.

  2. The Cords are great. I only wish I had gotten the zip fly.

  3. I picked up a new pair of cords, and a pair of tweed trousers. And at a favorable pound/dollar exchange rate of 1.22 this is a very attractive offer.

    1. Wonderful garment! Great colours, can't wait for my order to arrive! Thank you once again!

  4. It is very disappointing that Cordings have just added the khaki whipcord and navy flannel trousers to the website. The trouser promotion ended last week so they were not included. I therefore bought navy flannel trousers from Ede & Ravenscroft, at the same price, instead.

  5. Red trousers or yellow Nigel Farage-style ones are a very bad idea and will attract ridicule.


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