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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Reader Comment: Podcast on Preppy Clothing

Dear Editor,

I thoroughly enjoy your website!

Thought this may be of interest to you (if you are not already aware).

A podcast from PRX on history of clothing with this special 7 part series on Preppy Clothing specifically.

I get my podcasts via Apple iTunes Store, the podcast name is Articles of Interest, with American Ivy: Chapter 1 being the first in the series (Oct 26, 2022).

Below is the website feed:

Many thanks for your great work!

From the North Shore of Massachusetts, 


  1. I've been meaning to give this series a listen. Avery Tufelman (the host) and Articles Of Interest have garnered a lot of respect in the style and podcasting communities from what I understand. Thanks for the reminder to tune in.

  2. Thank you, so very much!


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