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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Posting readers’ photos of the flag displayed...

 From a reader:


Perhaps posting readers’ photos of the flag displayed?

If acceptable, happy Independence Day from Lexington, GA!

From readers:

Happy 4th from Greenwich!

Courtesy of Sarah at Fewer and Better Blog

Showing our patriotism (and beautiful hydrangeas!) on Cape Cod.  Happy 4th!

Happy birthday, America! Vecchio Vespa

Displaying our flag.

Greetings from the former Massachusetts Bay Colony!

Best Wishes from “Nature’s Air-Conditioned City” (aka Bluefield, West Virginia)!

Hello Muffy, I thought I might contribute to the collection of readers' flag displays. One photo was taken a long time ago (mid 1960s). My parents erected a flagpole on our lawn and here is the first flag raising. I'm carefully hauling it up and my Mom and our beloved dog Fluff are in attendance. Picture by my father.

...The other one I took of the front of my house... last July.  Loving your blog as always!

Flag at the cottage. Happy Birthday America!

Rosie the bulldog representing from Winthrop, MA!

Good thoughts from our home on the Piedmont of Virginia on this celebratory weekend...

Happy 4th from Oak Forest, Illinois

Send any photos for consideration to


  1. Thank you! Wishing everyone a fantastic Independence Day!

  2. Wonderful pictures.Wonderful patriots.Wonderful golden!

  3. Wonderful to see the flag displayed; it flies at my house every day of the year. That golden is as beautiful as mine is!

  4. Such wonderful photos! Hope everyone enjoyed their day! Cheers!

  5. I especially love the photo from my state of Georgia!

  6. These are great! How fun. Thank you all for sending photos and to Muffy for posting then. N from VA

  7. Thank you for these lovely photos. I live in the West now and miss, terribly, the weeks long display of our flag around and through the 4th! --Suzanne in Boulder

  8. Bunting is beautiful.


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