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Monday, July 10, 2023

Out and About

Photos by Salt Water New England




  1. Ahhh the home of Lyman Beecher, the theological battle-axe from New England. His son's (Henry Ward Beecher) church is in Brooklyn on Orange Street. Neither was a stranger to controversy or heresy trials.

  2. Great shots, but one element of life in the small towns of the northeast that I don't miss is the lack of sidewalks. Most of the local drivers know to be on the lookout for pedestrians in the street, but there are always the visitors...

  3. You will see sidewalks. But not everywhere. Our twin villages in no’west Conn are competitors. One village was once dismissed with the remark that it “doesn’t even have sidewalks.” Sidewalk boasting is perhaps the New England version of what in Italy they call campanilismo. That basically means “our town is better than your town because our bell tower is higher.”

  4. Excellent photos as always, Muffy. One vexillogical note: The flag in the first photo is hung incorrectly, as the field of stars is meant to be at upper left regardless of the flag's orientation. The one hung on what appears to be a hotel lower down is correct.

    And on an alimentary note: Those blueberries look delicious!

    1. Yes - the union should always be at the upper left!

  5. Love the zinnias and daylilies!

  6. As always, amazing photography capturing the quintessential vibe of summer in New England! --Holly

  7. Nice looking 1913? Model T Ford.


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