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Sunday, November 13, 2022

SWNE Christmas Gift List - 2022

Cordings' Navy Montgomery Duffle Coat for Men - All Photos by Salt Water New England

A collection of classic gift ideas for The Uniform from SWNE.  

New additions may be added over the next few weeks.  Most of these items are made in the US, Europe, or the British Isles.  Links under the pictures. Most items sent by vendors.
It is easy to see why Lotuff's No. 12 Weekender Bag has been named the best leather duffle bag of the year multiple times by GQ. 
The best khakis on the market. 100% cotton, of course.

A perfect Fair Isle.  One of Bosie's many this season.  Made in Scotland.

The Bosie Shetland Crew Neck for Men.  The standard against which other Shetlands should be measured.  
So much lovely jewelry from Tory's in Marblehead.  Poke around.  Ice blue, silver, and a bit of gold.  
What to wear to parties to let everyone know you would rather be sailing.
Incredibly durable but so annoyingly tasteful that you will want to baby it.  Made in England from Cordings.

For Men from Bosie.  Proof that Fair Isles can be low key.  Thankfully no one will actually refer to the color as denim.
To look more Scandinavian without a Saab.  
Rumor has it that you don't need three pairs, one in each color, but why take the risk?  
Surcingle D-ring belts may be more jaunty than braces.  Take that, U.K.!  From Leather Man Ltd.  Made in Essex, CT.
With Jack Donnelly khakis and Mercer Shirts, of course.  (Old School Khakis.  Old School Shirts.  What we like stays the same.  But where we get them changes.)
My other favorite Fair Isle from Bosie.

Guerneys should be thought of as utilities, like water and electricity.  From Le Tri Coteur.

A more sporty Blue Mogganer.  They had me at 4-Ply Donegal.  Thick, warm, a bit of structure, substantial.  It is very easy to recommend this unique garment.  Currently the leading candidate for both The Most Worn Sweater of The Winter, and The Sweater For Which I Most Need Some Backups.  
Blue Mogganers are perfect for the "rather spend money on wool than heating oil" crowd.  The sweater of choice for cold houses.
By field coat standards, a more feminine option.  Made in England from Cordings.  
'Fun' earrings are essential, and Patsy knows fun!
Scarves should be cashmere.  And so should tartan.
If you don't like this combination, this may not be the site for you.
Worn correctly, an intimidating garment.  Made in Scotland.
A car coat, so of course it looks equestrian.
The original bad boy. Sailing to the Arctic?  You're in luck.

An argument that brown should never be used for cotton, only wool. Maybe brown is your color.
No matter the reason you are leaving the house, chances are this bag is perfect.  And it imbues the bearer with gravitas.  I hate playing the "if you can only have one" game, but.... 
Cut for a woman.  With a tweed for the ages.

Warning:  Bosie's warm 4-ply sweaters will significantly cut down on your use of 'normal' Shetlands.   
Get the hat from Eliza B and the embroidery from Leather Man.  Odd, but worth it.
And because one can never have too many fun earrings.  
A thick, hearty sweater.  Scottish 4-ply.  More Golden Retriever than Whippet.
  • Mercer Shirt, James Bond Tattersall <>
For things that get better with age.
    Rugged and warm. And accommodating of big heads.  

    Because one can never have enough moleskin.  The good of informal.  The good of formal.  
    With their Ecology yarn because nothing beats nature.
    80s Prep-a-riffic!

    A smaller, slighter version of Lotuff's backpack, the No. 5 is easy to bring out.  

    What I think I wear all of the time.
    Non-competitive, for a "we" culture not a "me" culture.   
    V-necks for business meetings. As formal as some of us ever want to be.
    Never confuse money and taste.

    For "those" meetings with the Headmaster.
    For those who prefer white sails and British sports cars.

    Because finding a perfect sweater for tattersalls is not as easy as it seems.


    Informal dressing should be as snappy as formal dressing.  

    Nothing is as civilized as overachieving socks.  
    The original Fair Isle patterns, before they got discovered by the masses.
    Patsy Kane's sparkly new Crew Cuff bracelets.  
    Blend in with the Le Tricotuer Guernsey in Light Grey.
    Tampering with classics is risky, but in this case, successful. 

    Small pink whales, on occasion. Hair product, never.  It is not that complicated. 
    A thick Donegal sweater designed and produced with passion and skill. More mad scientist than MBA.
    No, the Green Blue Mogganer. 

    Christmas year round.

    No bad tattersalls.

    Nautical Wreath in Navy and Striped Sailor Knot Bracelets, Christmas Colors

    For those who eschew fussy Victorian Christmas decorations, Mystic Knotworks is the ideal alternative.  It is a bit more Gail Gibbons' Christmas on an Island.  

    For example:

    The Lotuff Triumph Belt is a thinner belt (1"), made with the same legendary leather and craftsmanship as their wonderful bags and briefcases and other accessories.  A unisex item, it comes in nine colors including two of our favorites,  traditional Chocolate and Chestnut.  We chose ours in their always dramatic Indigo.

    They also offer a 5/8" Tripp Belt.


    1. All wonderful choices!! In the photo with the Turks head earrings you have a lovely pink turtleneck sweater on. Would you mind sharing the source?

    2. Such superb choices! Thank you so very much!

    3. That is indeed a terrific array of lovely things. However, whether it is because of my age or our societal migration to instant gratification, I find that Christmas lists have largely disappeared. One of the benefits is that Advent, which was a mad scramble to tic items off those lists, can now be quiet and contemplative, as it ought, and the lists can change to ideas for sharing more of our blessings. Of course while I am quiet and still, I'll probably be snuggled up on the sofa in a Bosie over a Mercer.

      1. Mille grazie Vecchio Vespo for reminding us to honor the time of silence, preparation and reverence of advent.

    4. Thank you for including us! As an avid reader, as well as content contributor, it's still a thrill to see our items featured on the SWNE Christmas List!

    5. I used to be " Man of the 50s" . I read a comment on your post that said no one looks like us on tv. So I just want to thank you for your tireless work on maintaining a look at people who look like us!

    6. Great photos and excellent wish-list items. Perusing the list, I kept having to remind myself that this is the season of buying gifts for others! Posts like these sure bring out the selfish in me...