The Definitive Guide to the Quiet World of Salt Water New England.     Photo by Muffy Aldrich

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Lotuff No. 12 Leather Tote

Photo by Salt Water New England
Lotuff items are above all subtle.  They don't scream a brand name.  They don't demand attention.  What they do instead is give their entire surroundings a greater sense of substance and elegance.  

The Lotuff No. 12 Leather Tote performs this role flawlessly.  I just received the tote in Indigo and will be taking it through its paces over the next few weeks. 

But I already know it will perform sublimely.  It is an example of Lotuff's successful strategy to produce cross-over items that work in a variety of both business and social settings.  It is not too big to be used as a pocketbook.  But it is also large enough and versatile enough to be used as it is intended, a tote bag.  It can even be a briefcase; it has a zippered pocket and places for pens and business cards.  

This tote is fully leather lined and has a zippered top.  It is also structured; it stands up nicely on its own. I asked for mine to have custom rolled handles, which I believe are a very helpful addition.  

These no doubt add to what may be the most satisfying part of the bag, which is the incredible build quality.  Great cars have this, as do great clothes.  It just feels so well built.   

The Lotuff No. 12 Leather Tote is made by hand in New England of hand-selected, vegetable-tanned leather.