Photo by Salt Water New England

Friday, December 31, 2021

Last Days of Maine Coast Summer Camp - Fellow Staffers

Photo from My Archives



  1. Fun! I cherish the memories of my days as a summer camp counselor.

    To Muffy and the rest of you folks - very happy New Year wishes from Atlanta, GA!

  2. Such wonderful memories to be sure! Thank you!

  3. Chewonki? If so I was the 'Junior Camper of the Summer' at age ten in 1962. I did suffer a bout of sickness however after my parents dropped me off at the camp by boat while they went off for a long cruise downeast. The all-day (Sunday), all-campers Capture The Flag game was my favorite event of each week. Totally unstructured running through the woods all day long. Just like the rest of my early childhood running through Walden Woods bordering my home.

    1. Yes! My husband also grew up in Concord and was a Chewonki camper (and then counselor for many years. I am a Sag by marriage). You must have experienced the tail end of the Clarence Allen years.

  4. I took a three-week sailing trip with Chewonki in 1984. We put in in Jonesport, sailed Outward Bound-style Upwest back to Wiscasset. It was an adventure and a half.