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Monday, October 4, 2021

Nordic Noir

Photos by Salt Water New England
A reader recently asked me what are some of the television shows I watch.  Recently, I have been enjoying three Nordic Noirs.  

  • Follow the Money (Topic)
  • The Bridge (Topic)
  • Rebecka Martinsson (Acorn)
All three are subtitled.  



  1. "Rebecka Martinsson" is a terrific series with probably the most mentally tormented detective I’ve ever seen. She’s battling so many personal demons it’s amazing she can still do her job. Highly recommended.

    I think the Swedish language Wallander Series with Krister Hendriksson as Kurt is the best version of Henning Mankell’s novels – although the Kenneth Branagh BBC Wallander is also quite good. Incidentally, and to add to the well-known Scandinavian gloom, the young actress who played Kurt’s daughter Linda Wallander in the first season, Johanna Sallstrom, unexpectedly committed suicide before the second season started filming so they had to wait an entire year to bring on a different Linda Wallander – hoping that the audience had a short memory. Real life Nordic Noir.

    Also anything with the Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen, (Bond’s’ villain in “Casino Royal”) is worth seeing, including “Move On”:

  2. Some Recommendations Along Similar Lines:

    The Killing

    -JM, VA

  3. Well worth seeing! Thank you!

  4. It's a little early (although I did see a display going up in Lowe's yesterday), but in case all that Scando-gloom is getting to you, try this antidote:

  5. Sommerdahl Murders, Acorn, Post Mortem Netflix, Maria Wern, MHZ choice. Frankly, anything on MHZ choice is well worth watching. Its an additional channel on Amazon Prime or in the Roku store.