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Friday, September 24, 2021

A Few More Bosie Shadecard Shetland Ideas - Made in Scotland

North Sea Shetland in Forest

For those wanting to design their own Shetlands using Bosie's fabulous Shadecard Services, here are a few more examples.  Pre-order for delivery Mid November.

For my husband:

For me: 

Shetland Crew Necks in Cornflower, Medium Grey, and Blush
I truly cannot say enough about these sweaters.  They are everything you want in a Shetland and more.  So soft and easy to wear, and a quite good value.  All made in Scotland.


  1. Just superb all the way around! What a wonderful garment! Thank you so very much!

  2. I agree,they are beautifully made and Juliet is quick to respond to any questions you have. Muffy, thank you for recommending Bosie!

  3. I have the cornflower, grey, cumin and fauna colors. I love them all. It doesn't seem to get very cold in VA anymore so these are my winter coats ( most days).

  4. Are these lovely shetlands "brushed wool"? Those were my favorites from yrs ago.

  5. I appreciate being able to see a real-world photo of how the colors look. Do you happen to have any red ones you could post pics of?