Photo by Muffy Aldrich
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Sunday, August 8, 2021

In Town This Week

Photos by Salt Water New England




  1. Wow! I think you captured something for everyone with this delightful group of shots. Just wonderful! Thank you! Love the pink hydrangeas! Do you know the name of that last plant with the little reddish/orange bulbs? I see them this often when I'm up your way. Thanks!

  2. Those are rugosa rose hips, the fruit which develops after the blooming period.

    1. And a lot of poison ivy

    2. Plus weeds, and if that is some godforsaken bittersweet I see lurking in there, then it closely resembles a certain neglected area in my own back yard.

  3. Perfect way to end the weekend !
    Thanks !

  4. Could be any seaside place in the UK with the BMW's Audi's Volvo's and the new Defender Just no clapboard houses or Lobster Very envious of the Lobster on view elsewhere on this site

  5. We like the “stepping lively” seagull. Great photo!

  6. Just perfect! Thank you so very much!

  7. I know your blog is all about restrained, unpretentious, understated elegance; but there's something about a red Porsche 911 GTS that just makes you want to drive that thing as fast as you can while screaming with joy like a bat out of hell!

  8. how I miss New England!
    your pictures are good for my very soul.
    they make my land-locked endurance of another HOT summer here...
    well... they make it tolerable. just to KNOW there is a place like this.
    and to remember how it smelled. and felt. and sounded! oh the memories.
    thank you Muffy! xo


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