Photo by Salt Water New England

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Arthur Beale Sailors' Smock in Breton Red

Photos by Salt Water New England

Arthur Beale's useful, substantial, and good looking Sailor's Smock is also available in classic Breton Red.  Made in Britain.

Shown below, in Navy Blue:
Shown below, with the Saint James Minquiers Moderne Breton Top:
Arthur Beale's Sailor's Smock in Classic Navy

Made in Britain



  1. A great all around item to have. Useful in so many ways! Thank you.

  2. I should get the red....I love my blue one!

  3. I love my Beale Welsh Black Mountain sheep’s wool sweater; thank you for teaching me about them, but I admit to being grateful my Beale’s arrived without that giant logo tag.

  4. I love the combination of Breton red and navy and white stripes. If one wishes not to have the Arthur Beale logo so prominently displayed on the smock sleeve, the Carrier Company in Norfolk sells similar lovely V-neck smocks in cotton drill for £72. I have been wearing their Celtic jackets and smocks for a few years now and they are very good value for money.