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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Ed.Meier München


I am a lover of New England and an avid reader of your blog. As broadly discussed in the comments to many of your posts, it is not easy to find articles that please us amidst the sea of trash. Reading your blog helps. More than once have I found products I like via SWNE.

In this context, I would like to bring to your attention a German maker of shoes and clothing that seem befitting of SWNE and that you and your readers might be happy to know about.

Eduard - „Ed.“ - Meier are firstly a superb manufacturer of shoes, but also offer a wide range of clothing, tools and accessories for hunt, leisure and office environment alike. Natural materials only. Lots of tweed, lots of Loden. Leather, wool, silk, brass, bone, cotton and horn, corduroy, flannel, silver, wood. From riding boots to shooting jackets, from waxcloth duffels to pocket knives, from flasks to bow ties, belts and canes, hats, leather goods, stockings and scarves. You name it, they got it. 

Throughout the collection, tradition is key. Folklore isn’t. Prices can be hefty, but so is quality (mostly).

They have cultivated a unique Anglo-Bavarian signature-style, here and there fused with a dash of Italian. Still, classic as can be. Muted meets go-to-hell, Coarse meets refined. Texture meets smoothness. Sophisticated. Simple.

They also used to join forces with Alden of New England for their Cordovan products (don’t know if they still do).

EdMeier are situated in Munich, Germany - probably the prep capital of the European world. Their shop on Brienner Straße features 5-meter-ceilings, a working open log fire place and squeaking hardwood floors.

Their web shop is virtually inexistent, sadly. I hear they plan to install a real one, soon. Until then, mailorder from abroad might be available. If interested, maybe contact them directly:

Founded in 1596, the company is still carrying the Royal Warden of the former Royal Court of Bavaria. The original Meier family owns it to this day. Both owners (brother and sister) can be encountered in their shop on Brienner Straße daily.


  1. Superb product! Thank you!

  2. Wonderful products (as described). The pictures pretty much tell you what you’re looking at, but should you want details and can’t read German, then here is a good online translator:

    I really like that cedar wood canoe – and its free delivery offer – that is, if you just happen to live within 100km of Munich.

    EdMeier is definitely something to keep in mind when they are setup for internet sales to America. (For some reason, another great Munich company, Lodenfrey, still doesn’t ship over here. ??? I’ve contacted them over the years about a few items, but it’s still their policy for only EU customers.)

    Anyway, until then, thanks for bringing this class company to our attention.

    1. As a person who used to live in Germany and now lives in a neighboring EU country: A lot of companies in Germany and the region as a whole don't seem to care about doing the extra business from outside of the EU, let alone from even within the EU where they wouldn't have issues with customs. I can't comment on this one specifically but it is my experience that many shops, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in Germany will not accept credit cards, nor even the "Bankomat/debit" cards issued from neighboring countries, with the same currency market. Often they will only take German EC cards. Fine for the Germans who all have these cards, not great for the rest of us.

      It never ceases to amaze me how so many of the businesses don't seem to be in business to make business! One company, for example, was willing to mail me a catalog outside of Germany, and then would not let me order from it because I could not pay with a German bank account! No credit cards, no bank transfer from another EU country-based bank account-- it wasn't even the shipping limitation of shipping only within Germany (another limit used by soooo many German businesses-- there are companies at the border of the country where I live to forward on packages because so many businesses limit shipping to within Germany!)

      There are parts of Hamburg that I think would compete with Munich as the capital of continental prep!

      In terms of English site and dollars-- many sites translated into English still aren't great-- you're probably better off just using a translation tool, and in terms of dollar conversions just plugging in the amounts into a tool such as the currency converter.


  3. I agree the offerings are quite attractive, especially the canoe. I hope they succeed in building a website that will help them in this market, offering English descriptions and dollar conversions.

  4. For the rest of us, there's Frankonia Würzburg. Not particularly preppy, though.

  5. Yes, lots of lovely stuff on the current website. I might need to drop a hint or two to my wife before her next visit to Germany (whenever that might be).

    Best Regards,