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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Christmas List, 2020

Photo by Salt Water New England

A collection of classic gift ideas from SWNE.  New additions may be added in the next week or two.  Most of these items are made in the US, Europe, or the British Isles.

The Beerenberg Roll Neck Oiled Wool Pullover in Ecru from Arthur Beale

Every once in a while one comes across an exceptionally unique product spawned from an exceptionally unique store.  The Beerenberg Roll Neck Oiled Wool Pullover from London's Arthur Beale is just that.

Kildare Boot for Men - Dubarry of Ireland

Dubarry combines classic designs with meticulously carefully treated materials and solid construction.
In Walnut

Bengal Stripes by Mercer & Sons

These may be perfect shirts.  Respectable on one hand and dashing on the other, they brighten up any outfit.  While the planning was to have them replace seersuckers in the summer, they are nearly irresistible anytime of year, especially Pink Sands under a Navy Guernsey. 

Above, shown with:

Snowflake Necklace and  Sterling Silver Turk's Head Bracelet from Tory's Jewelry of Marblehead, Massachusetts

This delicate and lovely snowflake necklace from Tory's Jewelry of Marblehead, Massachusetts is made of sterling, gold and lapis, its silver chain adjusts from 16 to 18 inches.   

And this great looking sterling silver Turk's Head Bracelet is a refined and dressed up version of the classic summer bracelet (Sailor's Knot) while maintaining the simplicity that has made the design so popular throughout New England's coastal towns.

Aurora Sweater from Bosie Knitwear of Scotland

One of their Fairisles, Bosie's Aurora is beautiful, soft, comfortable, and a pleasure to wear, and is offered in several colors.

Men's D-Ring Motif Belts from Eliza B./ Leather Man Ltd.

D-Ring belts have a bit of a je ne sais quoi, and, as with driving stick shift, just seem more fun to use.

Harley of Scotland's Classic Shetland Sweater from Bosie Knitwear of Scotland

There may be no single item that is as much a staple as a navy Shetland sweater.  This item will start its life ready for nearly formal settings, and end up perfect for watching games by the sidelines.  Surprisingly comfortable. 

Patsy Kane's Monkey Fist Knot Earrings and Captain's Cord Bracelets

These Captain’s Cord bracelets from Patsy Kane are bright and cheerful and cleverly use a magnetic closure.  And her Monkey Fist Knot Earrings are based on the knots originally tied by sailors around a weighted object and used to add heft to a thrown dock line on sailing ships. 
Shown with:

Bosie Luxury Shetland Sweaters

Shetland sweaters are a core of many wardrobes and this Luxury Shetland for Men, unlike others, is made of 88% Shetland and 12% Cashmere, which results in a sturdy but very soft garment.

Design Your Own Watchbands at Eliza B./ Leather Man Ltd.

Those longing for combinations of classic colors and fabrics outside of the mainstream may have luck at Eliza B./ Leather Man Ltd..  For example:

Jack Donnelly Khakis

Jack Donnelly is our go-to source for classic khakis.

The Triumph Briefcase by Lotuff Leather, Made in New England

One of Lotuff's latest and most advanced briefcases, the Triumph is a joy to use. Beautifully made, it is structured so it stands up on its own, either empty or full.  The quality of the leather (hand-selected and vegetable-tanned)  is incredibly high, and this bag has impressive grain, even on the inside pieces.  As is appropriate for what can easily serve as an attache case, it's simple outside lines and almost slight presence do not distract when used, but it does reward scrutiny.

Guernsey Jumpers by Le Tricoteur

The authentic Guernsey Jumper is comfortable to wear, exceptional at blocking wind, and will last for decades.   Real Guernseys are only made on the English Channel Island of Guernsey.  

Sea Bags x The Muddy Dog Tisbury Recycled Sail Tote, Made in Maine

Maine's The Muddy Dog has teamed up with Sea Bags to offer this bright, bold, and terrific tote.  Made in Maine of recycled sails, and lined in white, it has hand-spliced hemp rope handles with just the right drop - 12 inches.
Shown with:

The Muddy Dog Luxury ThermoSāf  Plates And Platters 

Also made in the USA, The Muddy Dog offers a wide variety of plates and platters with Nantucket and Vineyard signs; tennis golf, and equestrian themes; and a great many more.  Safe to use and ideal for the pool or boat, these, like so many Muddy Dog offerings, are bright and cheerful.

Patsy Kane's Navigator Bracelets

Customize your latitude and longitude coordinates with Patsy Kane's sterling silver Navigator Bracelets, made by hand in their studio in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

The Kerry, a Chelsea boot for Men from Dubarry of Ireland

Many find Chelsea Boots to be their footwear of choice for an ever widening variety of situations.  Comfortable, good looking, and tough, they come in both more casual styles as well as dressier.  The Kerry Boot is traditional in design with high quality materials that have been carefully treated for waterproofing and durability.

Ultima Sailing Boots from Dubarry of Ireland

Dubarry of Ireland is also famous for their iconic Ultima Sailing Boots.  

Available for Men and for Women.

Shown below:

Tweed Field Coats by Cordings of Piccadilly

The Cordings of Piccadilly Tweed Field Coat is perfectly suited for the raw weather leading into, through, and out of deep winter.  In fact, this is as close to a perfect and iconic garment as most will ever own.

Made in England, this shooting coat is exquisitely tailored of beautiful, soft Scottish tweed, with many highly functional touches, and equally suited for the field or the office.

You can't go wrong with any of them.

Jones Marl Tweed

The Braided Leather Angle Tote from Lotuff Leather 

It would be difficult to overstate the exceptional handwork, quality, beauty and sheen of this Lotuff Leather Braided Leather Angle Tote.  And it is easy to imagine that for some people, this bag would be their everywhere bag.  It fits in at a gallery as easily as the office, and it is big enough for an event or travel.

Harley of Scotland's Heather Shetland Sweater for Men from Bosie Knitwear of Scotland

Bosie Knitwear's Harley of Scotland Shetlands are the softest I have even encountered.   They credit this to their yarn,  which comes from a "200 year old spinner," being milled in "some of the softest water in Scotland".

Made in Scotland, their Shetlands are seamfree and are extremely comfortable.  Shown here in the beautiful Heather.

The Wincanton Tweed Jacket, Trousers, and Waistcoat for Ladies from Cordings of Piccadilly

For the classic Cordings look for ladies, go no further than their lovely Wincanton tweed. Made of British tweed, the jacket has a Navy velvet collar, leather football buttons and a single back vent, and has matching trousers, waistcoat, and skirt.

Summer Tote Bags at Eliza B./ Leather Man Ltd.

Totes have always made great summer pocketbooks.  Bright, light, casual, and sturdy.  And a perfect way to find the right colors and get an over-the-shoulder drop (if desired) is to design your own at  Eliza B./ Leather Man Ltd.

Shown with:

Dubarry Boat Shoes

The solid construction, great leather, and thoughtful design has made the Dubarry Boat Shoes favorites this season.  Made in Portugal.

Merino Crew Neck Jumper from Cordings of Piccadilly

Some have called the Extra Fine Merino Sweater their most used and versatile sweater.   

Spotty Cotton Bandanas from Cordings of Piccadilly

While perhaps not rising to the utility of Douglas Adams' towels, various cotton squares can meet a lot of needs.  Some people do not like being without one handy.

These 22 inch square Spotty Cotton Bandanas from Cordings of Piccadilly are large enough to be tied around the neck:

Arthur Beale's Sailors' Smock - Made in Britain

Arthur Beale designed this 100% cotton canvas smock to cut out the cold wind while sailing, and provide some protection for the heavy sweater or shirt underneath.  I sized up to accomodate a sweater, but today just over a shirt it was immensely comfortable to wear.

Made in Britain, it combines two favorite garment characteristics, tough and soft.   As with every Arthur Beal product I have so far used, it is completely fabulous.  And very well priced.
It is also available in Breton Red.

No. 10 Weekender Bag from Lotuff Leather

Leather bag from Lotuff are, according the Wall Street Journal, "substantial enough to carry your computer, blazer and gear for the kids yet elegant enough to project panache."

Fair Isles: Islander from Bosie - Made in Scotland

If The Country Store of Concord, my childhood favorite, was still around, I can imagine that they would sell these truly beautiful Fair Isles from Bosie.   Made in Scotland of 100% Donegal Merino wool, they manage to simultaneously feel extremely soft and hearty.  They are wonderful sweaters with enormous appeal.

The Dubarry Bracken Tweed

It is easy to see why the Dubarry of Ireland's Bracken coat is so wildly popular.  What stands out immediately is the lovely Scottish Tweed and the comfortable cut, as well as details such as the cast metal buttons.  The weight of the coat is also very nice,  not too heavy and perfect for autumn.  Dubarry has rigorously but subtly treated the tweed and leather for the elements.  One does not have to size up, but I did for a more relaxed fit.  Shown here in Heath.

The Hoof Pick Leather Belt from Leather Man LTD

I bought my first Hoof Pick belt back in the late 1970s from the back door of an Essex factory, where there was always a 450SL hanging about.  (I also got a snaffle bit belt that day.) 
Shown with:

The Kimbolton Bag from Tusting - Handmade in England

The Tusting family has been in the leather business in England for five generations - since 1875 - first as leather tanners and today as handcrafters of fine leather bags and accessories.

Their Kimbolton bag, shown here in Tan in size Large, has been enormously popular for years, and it is easy to see why.  With its classic style and roomy interior, substantial handles, lovely style and quick and easy access.  

All of their bags are handmade in England.  

The Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Pullovers made from Black Mountain Welsh Sheep Wool

London's Arthur Beale exports these to Iceland, Antarctica, Sweden, Russia, and Canada.  If you were sailing to the Arctic circle (as they do), you would pack this.   

These Arthur Beale Pullovers are made from undyed, oiled Black Welsh Mountain Wool.  It is so thick and heavy it feels like the wool from five sheep.   It is very comfortable to wear, and considering it is a beast of a garment, not unflattering on pretty much everyone.  
    Naturally, they are made in Britain.

    The Dubarry of Ireland Galway Boot in Ivy

    Dubarry of Ireland has just introduced the newest color of their famous Galway Boots, a beautiful Ivy.  These great looking waterproof boots have all of the Dubarry features that are loved by so many - the Gore-Tex lining, the quick (and soft) drying leather, injected rubber soles, and pulls for easier on and off. 

    The Arthur Beale Enamel Mug

    Made in Britain on Second World War machinery:

    The Follifoot for Men from Cordings of Piccadilly

    The fabulous Follifoot, a Cordings' tour de force, is made of 100% Irish Donegal Wool from Ireland's Magee.  It is made for Men but being on the tall side I can easily wear it, especially with the raglan sleeves.  They describe it as weighty yet supple and that is precisely what it is.  The Irish tweed is especially soft and putting it on feels like a dream.  A wonderful piece with a wide range of wearing options.

    Bosie's Shetland Blue Mogganer

    Bosie <> offers a 4-ply Shetland Blue Mogganer - shown here in Shadecard New Navy 183 - with a slightly more generous cut than their traditional Shetlands.  It is a perfect, thick outdoor sweater.

    Bosie's Shetland Crewneck for Women

    A perfect example of a perfect sweater.

    Cordings' Cashmere Scarves

    For those who insist that their scarves are cashmere, these made-in-Scotland examples are a natural choice. 

    Blackthorn Hiking Staff by McCaffrey

    While the authentic blackthorn walking sticks are iconic, we choose the staff more often for walking.

    The Navy Chepstow Keepers Field Coat for Men from Cordings of Piccadilly, Made in England

    While technically a field coat, the Chepstow Keepers Field Coat is also a seriously smart Business Casual garment.  Warm and substantial but not too bulky, it will be ideal for many for travel during the colder months.  It has all of the advantages of being made for the field - comfortable and waterproof - but still at home in many corporate headquarters today. 

    This superb coat is made in England for Cordings of Piccadilly (by Chrysalis, known for their truly outstanding British craftsmanship) of 21oz Teflon coated Keepers Tweed, woven in Britain.

    Cordings also offers it in Loden.


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    4. Thank you for this list! A question: the Timex watches pictured, are they the men's, unisex or women's version?
      - James LaRue

      1. Timex Weekender (some refer to it as unisex) with gingham strap, which I removed.

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      1. Eliza B. but I don't see it on their website right now.

    6. What a lovely list! I have already finished my Christmas shopping, but you have given me some good ideas for birthdays and Christmas next year, not to mention so many beautiful things to be added to my own wishlist!!

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    8. Some of these great British items got me to thinking. I wonder, given the success of Season 4 of The Crown, whether some of the traditional British merchants (Cordings, for example) have seen an uptick in sales? I know it's hard to evaluate during this pandemic period, but have you heard anything?

    9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for including us in this illustrious group! I'm almost embarrassed at the number of items I have from these wonderful companies.....*almost* ;) And thank you to the lovely folks who visited our website and purchased gifts - we hope you love them!

    10. I wear heavy sweaters all winter and ended up purchasing the Arthur Beale oiled wool boat neck sweater. Looking forward to receiving it.