Photo by Salt Water New England

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

My Grandfather, New Haven, Mid-1890s

Photo of My Grandfather from the Family Archives

Say what you want about the outfit, but that boy could pose...


  1. Inspiration for Seinfeld's puffy shirt! Handsome lad.

    1. I thought the same, on both! Love the ringlets.

  2. And that tiny ring on his chubby finger!

  3. Oh, the sartorial crimes that parents of that era committed on their children...!

    That said, the pose was probably dictated by the photographer, based on how still he figured the child could hold a pose.

    In the 1890s, dry plates would have used an exposure of about 1/10th of second, so not too hard to hold. The lighting is from a window or skylight, mostly likely looking north (for diffused blue light) because plates were strongly blue-sensitive back then, and blue "actinic rays" kept exposures short(er).

  4. That is adorable. Little Lord Fauntleroy! Quite an up-market outfit for a little boy in those days. I have a 1906 photo of my infant grandfather in a big white fluffy dress. He looks like a girl. I was told kids of both genders wore that type of thing when they were babies.

  5. That's the decade that my Grandfather was at Johns Hopkins Med School . 1897 Graduate .

  6. So funny and adorable. Seems like a character.

  7. I had an older dad-born in 1909. His toddler picture looked like a combo of Little Lord Fauntleroy and Buster Brown. Must have been an interesting childhood considering he was raised in the Bronx....

  8. Hah, such a different time! Thanks so very much!