Photo by Salt Water New England

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Winter Scarves


  1. In my opinion, Burberry Japan has consistently produced quality scarves over the years. I love how Japan interprets the classic New England preppy aesthetic into something playful, stylish but recognizable.

    Interestingly, the traditional Burberry Nova Check is all the rage with Mainland Chinese. Depending on how you feel about this, I've noticed a simultaneous decline in popularity with other Asians in HK, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan because they feel a certain a way about geopolitics and identity.

    Ralph Lauren made durable scarves from the late 80's into the mid-90's, usually with heavy wool and an American Flag, Native American or Teddy Bear image.

    My Barbour scarves are still going strong. Warm and understated.

    The most over-priced scarf I own was purchased from my alma mater's bookstore.

    I could listen to Muffy's voice all day. She could talk about triple-decker homes, cheez whiz or mullet wigs, it won't matter because she would still sound eloquent.

  2. What happens to the 'don't keep' pile? Are these scarves donated, resold, etc.?

  3. Muffy, you can even make scarf-sorting fun! My first scarf was one my Grandfather brought me back from Trimmingham's Bermuda so long ago in a Royal Stewart tartan. I'm sure it became moth food. My parents some years later brought me back one from the Canadian Maritimes in a lovely Nova Scotia plaid-loved the vibrant blue in that one. Since then I've collected quite a few, some of my favorites actually cashmere's from Jos.A.Bank (off season the prices are very reasonable!). I agree with your opinion on school scarves-especially since I had a brother at Dartmouth who then went on to Harvard Business school for his M.B.A. ( I have a nice one in green & white stripe and a crimson and white stripe as well. Of course my plain ol' goes with a lot being a very attractive light blue and white stripe.) One can never have enough scarves as people generally underdress in the cooler weather and its fun to lend them out when you go for a stroll. Each scarf tells a story!

  4. Branch out into alpaca, why not? Alpaca scarves are silky to the touch and lay warm on the cheek. Alpaca and silk is a nice combination. Try it.

  5. Wait a minute. Muffy, you have mice in your home?? Maybe you just left your scarf bag in the barn. Just trying to give you a back door out here.

    1. A country house in New England or the North Country without mice, ´tis rare this time of year.

  6. Love seeing a video! Good idea and good presentation, too. I'm too tight to have that many cashmere scarves but I do have several light wool scarves from Scotland in my various family tartans. Unfortunately, because I live in Atlanta, we have a very short scarf-wearing window so I am lucky to get to half my scarves each year. (Hope you gave those tartan lambswool scarves to someone you like. They're pretty.)

  7. You could open a scarf museum with that many. I don't have that many scarves, but I have had that many mice.

    One year, I was overseas for a month. I came back in late October just as it's getting colder and the mice look for warmer environs (i.e., my house). The first night back, jet lagged, I got up in the middle of the night and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. All these little mice scurried about. They surprised me, and were almost comical in the way they ran.

    They had the run of the place while I was away. They must have told all their friends about these cool digs, as there were so many. It took me a couple of weeks to trap and release all of them.


  8. Brava Muffy, Love the videos. The voiceover is perfect. You amuse too!

  9. My vintage British school, and my Barbour scarves are still going strong! Thanks so much!

  10. No Hermes scarves?

  11. I happen to like both cashmere and wool. Send the discards my way. We have a number of scarves, but not as many as you! 😁