Photo by Salt Water New England

Saturday, September 26, 2020

From Bosie: The Harley of Scotland Shetland Shadecard Service

Heather with Tattersall - Photos by Salt Water New England 

Harley of Scotland Shetlands (Made in Scotland) are perfect examples of these most versatile and comfortable sweaters.  

Between now and November 1st, Bosie is offering their Shetland Shadecard Service.  Through it, you can order a Harley of Scotland Shetland custom made in any of the colors shown on their shadecards.   
This is a great opportunity to get one of their truly wonderful, classic, seamless Shetlands in the color of your choice.  Order by November 1st, they will ship mid-November, and you will have them for the holidays.

You can also have your sweater shaggy brushed, which we have not done in these pictures.  Their sizes tend to run a bit on the small size, so we go up.  

Navy with Pink


  1. Although a variety of colours are nice , I find myself gyrating back to dark blues .

  2. Superb looking sweaters! Thank you so very much!

  3. Many thanks for the tip. Just ordered a couple brushed -- I've always loved the J. Press shaggy dogs but their sizing is too funky.

  4. Echoing the observation about sizing, I wear a size 46 men’s jacket and normally wear sweaters in XL. I wear XXL in Harley, and it’s a good fit, not oversized. Brushing adds a little volume to the wool, so they are a little warmer and more fuzzy-looking, and the wool feels a little more soft.

  5. Andrew, thank you for the tip on size. I'm the same (46 jacket and XL sweater) and have not purchased from Harley yet. I'll have to run the measurements on one of the sweaters I already have.