Photo by Salt Water New England

Monday, June 22, 2020

NYT: Shearing Sheep, and Hewing to Tradition, on an Island in Maine

A reader kindly sent the article "Shearing Sheep, and Hewing to Tradition, on an Island in Maine" that included:
Maine was once a land of shepherds. Its islands and coastal communities were dotted with the fleeced bodies of sheep, its shrubs and trees grazed into oblivion. Historical photos show wide expanses of pasture that have now become thick with forests and houses.  
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  1. Wonderful photos and story. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Both the article and photos took my breath away! One can feel the fresh air and chill of the sea just looking at the photos. Thanks for sharing. PA

  3. I thought of this blog when I first read the article with it's evocative images earlier in the month.

  4. Several of the photos could be Wyeths.