Photo by Salt Water New England

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Cordings Online Store is Now Open Again...

Photos by Salt Water New England
Britain is now slowly opening up once again, and I can happily say that Cordings of Piccadilly's online store is in full operation - just in time for Father's Day.

Men's Lambswool Knitwear


  1. Thank you for the information!

  2. You look as though you belong in a large English country house. Thumbs up! :-)

  3. The stock in the online store appears to be low in some areas, e.g. city suits and polo shirts. Customers will have to patient until new stock is delivered. There are some new arrivals, notably summer jackets.

    Due to the lockdown restrictions being relaxed (long overdue!), Cordings' shops can re-open from next week. However, there has been no announcement so far so they may remain closed. My tailor on Savile Row is re-opening but appointments are necessary. Cordings may adopt the same approach.

    Hopefully, he structural works in London have been completed. They forced the temporary closure of most of the men's department. It was difficult and time consuming to shop before the lockdown was imposed. If the work is continuing, or appointments are necessary, it will be easier and safer to shop online.

  4. I desperately love that lid...wish they made a men's version in that fabric.

    1. Oliver Brown sells a Garforth cap, the same model and fit as Cordings, in a a very similar gun club tweed. It is more expensive and sizes are limited -

      Lawrence & Foster will make a Garforth cap for you for around £40-£50 plus cloth and shipping. The Lovat Mill makes tweed for L&F, Cordings', Oliver Brown and many other brands - see Lawrence & Foster should be able to get your chosen tweed at an affordable price. Contact them at

    2. ^ You, sir, are a gem. The Oliver Brown cap is available in my size. Thank you.

    3. I hope that you got the cap. In my experience, the stock information on Oliver Brown's website has often been inaccurate. If not, Lawrence & Foster should be able to make one. I think that Muffy's cap is made from the Lovat Mill's Kirkton 555 tweed.

      Alternatively, Cordings might be able to help. There may be some of that cloth left over in storage. They ordered a cap for me (using some spare Kirkton 561 tweed) a few years ago at the standard price.

    4. Ken, the Oliver Brown cap has shipped. I'm in the US so it will take a while. But thanks for the tip on Lawrence & Foster in case the O.B. cap does not work out.

  5. Sadly, Cordings' London store will remain closed until 3rd October due to building repairs. Conveniently, the staff can be paid under the Government's generous Covid furlough scheme which will continue operate until October. The Harrogate store will re-open as soon as possible.

    It is possible that stock will be limited over the next few months as the loss of personal shoppers in London could have a significant impact on the business. Many customers prefer to try on clothes, especially tweed jackets, before buying. Free or cheaper shipping and returns would be a great help.