Photo by Salt Water New England

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Art of Emily Patrick

Our old, empty frame is a perfect holding spot for an Emily Patrick print. - Photos by Salt Water New England  
 The lovely art of English artist Emily Patrick...
"Emily Patrick is a figurative painter, based in Greenwich, South London. She grew up on a farm in Kent, where she painted from a young age.  Following a degree in Architecture from Cambridge University, Emily started painting portraits." (

In a solo show review, Jackie Wullschlager, the Chief Art Critic of the Financial Times, wrote:
Emily Patrick... paints ravishing still lifes — flowers, table tops, food, dolls — in oil and tempera on gesso grounds (a mix of chalk and rabbit-skin glue). Her textures — by turns leathery, glassy, crisp, soft, airy, fluid — are alive, her colours luminous yet subtle, and the enclosed interior world she creates is timeless yet also fixes a moment in time. She works reclusively, has no dealer, exhibits only every few years, and is among the most individually expressive painters working today.

Her recent exhibition had to be postponed, but she may show in the Autumn.


  1. Very, very nice....

  2. Lovely work. Seascapes remind me a little bit of Childe Hassam's work on the Isle of Shoals.

  3. Really lovely. Thank you for bringing her work to our collective attention.

  4. Just so very lovely. Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you for posting this, what an uplift.