Photo by Salt Water New England

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Summer Hats for Men and Women from Leather Man Ltd. and Eliza B.

Photos by Salt Water New England
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343 Apple Gecko


  1. I got a hat similar to the Havana in Australia years ago, and have been looking for a backup, without success. I will give this one a try. My Australian version does not have the lovely ribbon. I have several Eliza B belts and sandals. Their quality and service are outstanding.

  2. Superb! Thank you!!

  3. What is this "summer" of which you speak, and pray tell when might we see some indication of it?

  4. Anonymous @ 1:39PM. I know. I am on the Texas Gulf Coast, Saturday's highs in 60s. For Texas in May, well, it is rare, very rare.