Photo by Salt Water New England

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Observing Fishers (Fisher Cats)

Photos and Videos by Salt Water New England

Resting in leaves:

With (almost) hidden second fisher on other side of tree:

One fisher retreats up the tree, to the great irritation of the crows:


Sitting with Crows
One fisher sits at base of tree and waits for hours:

Coming down:

Coming down a bit more when the coast is clear:

Napping on leaves - on back, legs in air.

Finally Leaving

"Fisher cat" is a complete misnomer.  The fisher does not fish, and it is a member of the weasel - not cat - family... Even though fishers are active both day and night throughout the year, one doesn't come across them all that often... Fishers are solitary animals, relatively shy and secretive...
Fishers have a long and tumultuous history in New England...  [T]hey were extirpated over most of the area due to overtrapping (their fur has always demanded a high price) and loss of habitat.  
[I]n the late 1950s... they were reintroduced in several states, including Vermont and Connecticut...   
- Mary Holland, Naturally Curious: A Photographic Field Guide and Month-By-Month Journey Through the Fields, Woods, and Marshes of New England 


  1. Great photos! Thanks so very much!

  2. How thrilling. I've heard them but never seen them like this - lucky!

  3. Such cute animals. Thank you.

  4. Thank you very much. Interesting and quite enjoyable.

  5. Sign of the times; the first thing I thought of when I saw these beautiful fisher cats is how happy I was that they weren't at a wet market in China

  6. Lying on his back, feet up, under a tree, napping. Yeah. We get it.

  7. I will make you fishers of men.

    1. Did you also, hear the Sunday School song in your mind right as you saw the picture?

  8. NH Fisher Cats! New Hampshire's double A team.

  9. Not "cute" at all. They are ferocious and very predatory and will easily kill cats and small dogs. If you've ever listened to the unnerving scream of a fisher call in the night, or heard the shrieking of an animal being attacked by one, you won't want one anywhere near your house.

  10. they're fairly curious and have visited tent sites of mine in the White Mountains in the winter. Youngsters are lighter-colored and have of a pattern to their coloring at first.

  11. Yikes! Fisher cats scare me.... hearing their screams for years. Last Fall we had one cross our school parking lot during morning drop-off... he ran right into the woods but THAT was an interesting science lesson for the day.