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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

New York Times: St. Bernard’s removed its beloved headmaster...

A reader sent this email:
Hi Muffy, I hope you can keep your blog going during these interesting times!  I thought other SWNEers would find this quote and article relevant, especially given our past conversations on prep school mores:

[Headmaster Stuart] Johnson stood for something beyond the ruthless pursuit of scores, metrics and marketable achievements. He stood for the intrinsic value of erudition. 
- New York Times:  The Manhattan Private School That Tore Itself Apart - St. Bernard’s, the renowned boys’ school, removed its beloved headmaster — and a war between very wealthy parents erupted. <>


  1. As the companion of extra large dogs, a quick scan of this headline brought a very different sort of reaction to mind

    1. Kudos. Best laugh I've had all day, and sorely needed at that.

      The Concord Diaspora