Photo by Salt Water New England

Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Intense Blues of Clear January Days

New York Yacht Club's Harbour Court - Photos by Salt Water New England
In January when it is overcast we can go weeks without seeing our shadows.  And the shorter days mean that photovores are often starved.

But when it is clear, the blues of the sky are the most intense of the year.  To me, the spectacle compares favorably with even peak autumn colors, summer sunsets, or fields of spring lupin.


  1. Hard to get those wintertime Blues with just a few of these blues around. Beautiful pictures.
    I must admit that my first take on the picture at waters edge was that one of the trees still had Christmas lights/decorations on it. Yes, I do have an eye exam scheduled next month.

  2. Winter blues are most beautiful. Backdrop them them behind woodsy grays. Blanket with white and silvers. Think snow.

  3. Stunning. Thank you!

  4. The deeper blue skies of winter are due to the much
    lower humidity of the air masses. The lower amount of water vapor in the air causes less scattering of sunlight, resulting in more blue wavelengths.

  5. My 2020 New Year's Resolution - take at least one picture everyday outside! So far I've taken photos of: 1) A neglected rural mid-19th century pioneer cemetery, 2) Round bales of hay against a wooded backdrop, 3) I found a Vinca Periwinkle Myrtle wildflower in BLOOM, in January, in Michigan! 4) A naked hardwood w/ the great Lake Huron in the background, etc. I've thought of amending my resolution to sunny days only (best for shadows in the early mornings and later day); because cloudy days are just tough to get good pictures. But I'm afraid if I start making excuses (cloudy days), what will be my next excuse?

  6. We live on the water's edge here in Maine year round. In summer the sun is high and sky often hazy and muted (except for northwest wind days) and the harbor full of boats out and about or swinging to thier moorings. In winter the sun is low, williwaws course over the brilliant, empty harbor and the ducks and loons have it to themselves. We love both seasons and the changes in between.