Photo by Salt Water New England

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Pink Bosie and Cordings Tweed

Photos by Salt Water New England


  1. At the risk of screaming "CLASSIC ELEGANCE!" or "UNDERSTATED STYLE!" and contributing to the avalanche of inevitable clich├ęs, this series is absolutely beautiful. The greens of the ocean, and the rose of the sweater, and the composition, is pretty much everything everything.

  2. J'adore the sweater. I ordered one as soon as I saw it. Thanks for the wonderful resources!

  3. Bosie should check with SWNE about which shirts to display with their jumpers. I saw the lighthouse picture on my iPad, then with a full screen view and then on the big screen with my Apple TV. Intriguing picture in all sizes but in the largest, the water seemed to come alive. As always, thanks for the pictures but something about lighthouse picture....

  4. Superb combo! Thank you.

  5. Do they run small? Trying to figure out what size to order.

  6. Bosie's sweaters are even more beautiful in person than online. Thank you to SWNE for directing my attention to the company.

    I went up a size when I ordered my Aurora sweater because I have fairly athletic shoulders and like a loose fit.

    There's little give in the raglan sleeve and neck, which results in the arm hole feeling disproportionately smaller than the generously-sized body and sleeve. It's not enough to make me return the sweater by any means, but it's something I would consider when thinking about future purchases.

    The Aurora's yarns and design reward examination, and I will treasure this sweater for years to come. Thank you !