Photo by Salt Water New England

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Blackthorn Hiking Staff by McCaffrey, Handmade in Ireland

Photos by Salt Water New England
In the way of such things, McCaffrey (our go-to sixth generation Irish stick maker <SWNE Link>) has found some longer blackthorn branches, and has been able to make a limited number of walking staffs.  The craft and the feel are the same, but these are perfectly suited when the terrain is uneven and hilly.

Here, held by a 6' 4" man.


  1. These 'hiking sticks' are gorgeous, sturdy, and well suited for the landed gentry while inspecting the back 40...
    Depending on how one spends time 'hiking', most of the time I personally prefer the real hiking poles; length adjusted to shorter for uphill, and extended longer for steeper downhills. Hiking with two poles used to be reserved for us more 'mature' hikers but I now see them on all age-groups, especially while hiking in the White or Green Mountains or out West.

    1. You’re right. I live a short stroll from the AT. Most through-hikers I see carry two poles, regardless of their age.

    2. Double hiking poles will spare your knees and, sometimes on steep stuff, your pride. I keep a pair in the car, just in case.

  2. Mine is always ready and waiting beside the front door,for it's next adventure! Thanks so very much.

  3. Beautiful wood.

    When I go wandering in the woods (now that the snakes have gone underground) I have to admit my favorite "stick" is an old golf club. Very durable.

  4. I always use a ash wood walking staff when attending Beagling weekend outings in the Middleburg area of Virginia!

  5. My husband, who has a disability, loves his walking stick, although he doesn't use it daily because of the weight. I love my walking staff. When going for leisurely hikes, that are more about strolling on uneven terrain than about making it up a mountain, it does a very good job.