Photo by Salt Water New England

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Bengal Stripes

Photos by Salt Water New England

Mercer & Sons, Made in the US

Mercer & Sons recently added two terrific new colors to their Bengal Stripe offerings; Pink Sands and Putting Green.   And while these are rather spring like, we tend to wear them year round, under wool sweaters when it is colder.


  1. That reminds me that I have six bengal striped shirts, in similar colours, that are still in their wrappers. There are a four butcher striped shirts too. Striped shirts can be addictive. ;)

  2. Superb! Thanks so much.

  3. Had just finished watching two football games (both of my favorites won) and was sitting sorta mindlessly watching a 60s Love Songs infomercial and almost the same time I was looking at these good looking shirts there were the Beach Boys in their Bengal Stripes singing away. Of course theirs were short sleeved and then I read the comment about the new colors being springlike and.... Well, I think I'd spent too many hours listening to analyses and started to tie unrelated things together.

  4. Heck with the shirts-
    the rug is fantastic!