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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Guernsey Jumpers by Le Tricoteur, Made in Guernsey

Photos by Salt Water New England
An outstanding value, the authentic Guernsey Jumper is comfortable to wear, exceptional at blocking wind, and will last for decades.   Real Guernseys are only made on the English Channel Island of Guernsey.

Reader comment:
Thanks to this blog for introducing me to this remarkable garment, featured in the BBC's "History of the World in 100 Objects". Tough, water-resistant and warm, this sweater is ideal for when the weather gets rough. The Brigadier of the British 7th Armored Division commissioned hundreds of Guernseys in Khaki for the current generation of the famed 'Desert Rats' in Iraq. The Royal Tank Command wears them in Black. Of course, the Royal Navy favors the original color, worn by some of Admiral Nelson's crew at Trafalgar.
From the Le Tricoteur site <>:
The pieces of each Traditional Guernsey are machine knitted on 6 gauge flat bed knitting machines using English Worsted Wool. These pieces then go out to our Hand Knitters who work in their own homes, these ladies knit the raised shoulder seam which runs across the top of the shoulders and joins the two body pieces together, they then knit the neck around and up finishing up with a cast off stitch,effectively making the 2 body pieces and the neck one knitted piece of fabric with no seam.

Their Kelly Green is bright, very bright.  And while they are fully stocked in all sizes and available upon request, once they sell out, they will not be coming back.

This striped version is very popular with the yachties who visit the island.
Knitted From Tightly Twisted Oiled Wool


  1. Very nice! Thanks so much!

  2. I own a navy one. These are truly fantastic sweaters!

  3. I got one from Wool Overs many years ago, and it is still a favorite.

  4. On a trip to Guernsey in 2017, I bought five Guernsey sweaters. However, I bought them from Guernsey Woollens. It's a family run business, and less expensive than Le Tricoteur. Paul and his son were very gracious, showed me their operation, and even delivered the sweaters to my hotel. Even better, they were 55 pounds, as opposed to the usual 78. Whattah bahgan! As much as I like the original wool Guernsey, I find that my "go to" sweater is a cotton, crew-neck one that I bought. It's a great weight - substantial, but not too heavy - and can be worn year round.

  5. I concur that these jumpers are great products. What's more, I found it easy to purchase for delivery here in the US, there were no billing surprises or lengthy delays. The jumper is durable, versatile, and a real staple in windy, chilly weather.

  6. Proper ganseys here: