Photo by Salt Water New England

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Conditioning the Lotuff Leather

Photos by Salt Water New England
As with the Barbours, every so often I gather a handful of Lotuff pieces at a time and clean and condition them.   Lotuff's Elixir is a particularly good cleaner/conditioner and I use an old white damask napkin to rub it in.

From front to back and left to right:

The Lotuff Zipper Satchel #9 in Chocolate


  1. I have had my eye on that magenta sling for a while. Do you have any of the wallets?

    1. I do and I love it. I have the Women's Leather Wallet in Cordovan and now I cannot decide on whether the next one should be in Magenta or Indigo, both superb colors.

    2. I finally did it! I put the wallet on my Christmas list and I love it. Maybe the sling next.

  2. Great work! Thanks much!