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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Reader Questions: Women's dressy pants in the winter months; Women’s khakis, Women's long dress for a wedding

Reader Questions:
1) I have a question on the subject of women's pants in the winter months.  I practically live in cords from October to March here in South West Virginia.  I wear them for daily dog hikes and out to casual dinners.  That's fine.  However, occasionally we might go out to a nicer restaurant or a classical music concert when I would prefer to wear something a little more dressy, pants-wise.  I'm at home during the day but when I used to work in various office settings in London (my hometown), I usually wore wool pants with penny loafers.  I'm 52, fit, petite, and am still pretty much the same size as in my 20s and 30s.  What are my options?  I'd be very interested to hear from your readers.  I shop almost exclusively online.  Thank you, and I love your website! 
2) Any recommendations for well made women’s khakis? I’m trying to find 100% cotton twill that will last for years. 
3) I have a question for the  Community. My daughter is getting married next May (we are in hot, muggy South Carolina). I am looking for suggestions for a simple, understated, and modest (of course) long dress to wear and sources from which to purchase this dress.  Thank you for your help,


  1. For women's flannel or wool pants, I still rely on Pendleton. They also make a nice flannel boot skirt that I like. Some of their other clothing has shifted to a younger focus but they have some good clothing staples in their collection.

  2. Not sure how formal the wedding will be - but you might try Halsbrook. Their service is excellent.

  3. I’d still say Talbots for all of it. They are doing better keeping up with the times but 50+ is just a tough market. Good luck!

  4. Thank you for the suggestions for pants this winter!

  5. For the summer wedding, consider Eileen Fisher. EF has an incredibly responsible business and the vast majority of their clothing is constructed of natural fabrics. Because they are such a large fashion company you may find something perfect for you, even if, in general, you aren't attracted to their clothes. Also, because their fashions are not trendy, you could find something on sale and have it altered. A light silk dress or silk/linen blend for a casual event could get you through the event in style and comfort. Enjoy a great day!