Photo by Salt Water New England

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Around the Streets of New Haven Today

Photos by Salt Water New England


  1. What a beautiful place!

  2. How very nice! Thank you so much.

  3. New Haven is one of my favorite small cities - I always appreciate photos from the area. Last night, we went to an outdoor music event near the shore at Lighthouse Point Park. People can forget that New Haven is on Long Island Sound and think only of concrete and brick, but that's too limiting. Listening to a great band with an onshore breeze and catching up with a few old friends is a pleasant way to spend a mid-summer evening in the city.


  4. Enjoyed this, flowers in the gutter that matched the sign, dryer hose hanging out 2nd story window of No Standing, many hidden "Easter Eggs" here of story first glance- just a quick snap shot, second look so much more. Thank you!

  5. In light of Mueller’s recent sightings in a late model Subaru, thoughts on Subaru’s place in the New England car world?

    1. A bunch of years ago, on a visit there, my wife and I decided that Subaru was the Offical Car of Vermont. Maybe it has moved on to a Pious, er, Prius by now.