Photo by Salt Water New England

Friday, July 26, 2019

Summer Bags

Photos by Salt Water New England
This 2018 canvas tote had a trim that was too dark, so it is spending the month alternating between soaking in the salt water pool and hanging on the fence in the direct sun.  The result is increasingly more of a faded watermelon sort of pink.

Other Summer bags in use:
With European Linen from Sailor Rose <>


  1. All wonderful selections. Thanks much!

  2. Lovely photos! Lately, I’m partial to the fun and durable Sea Bags.

  3. I recently had to wash/bleach one of my xlarge Bean totes. I was worried that the bleach might damage the trim but it only faded it to nice sunwashed color.

    1. May be obvious, but did you just put this in the washer? I haven’t wanted the color to bleed.

    2. LKK, yes, I just put it in my washing machine! It fit and washed well. Make certain that the handles don't slip over the agitator if you have one of those oldies like I do and also turn it open side down. I didn't dry it though because I was afraid it might shrink too much. The color doesn't bleed at all on any of the ones that I've washed.

  4. Replies
    1. Agreed and good tips...thanks.

  5. The extra large LL Bean canvas beach bag we received when our youngest was born (she's sixteen now) is still in regular use; it has pale green trim that hasfaded quite a bit. it's due for a once-over with a brush and soapy water.