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Monday, July 1, 2019

Reader Question: Where to Purchase Women’s White Blouses?

From a Reader:
Would anyone know where to purchase women’s feminine  white blouses, not shirts, with pearl buttons?  The Irelands, Scotland, and England may still make them.  
Where does GORSCH find the wonderful blouses it showcases in their catalogue?


  1. Emma Willis, who has a celebrity client list, on Jermyn Street in London is the only one I can think of. She's very expensive - - but customers outside the EU don't pay British VAT at 20%.

  2. House of Bruar has some lovely blouses in their classic/evening section

  3. O'Connell's in Buffalo NY has a pretty blouse "Stella" fitted white cotton broadcloth with ruffle cuffs and pearl buttons. They have several other blouses of this ilk. Ash and Rose has some beautiful made in USA blouses, including this gorgeous white one - see link below.