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Monday, July 1, 2019

Reader Question: Reader Question: Favorite New England Presidents' House/Museum?

A Reader Question:
I am an historic house groupy and would love to hear from my friends in this community.  Favorite New England  presidents' house/museum?  How about we stretch the boundaries just a touch and include those in the state of New York for consideration?  


  1. Peacefield, in Quincy, MA (John and John Quincy Adams)

  2. Favorite location for historical former dwellings generally is Newport, RI. So much to choose from and a great place to be in the summer.

  3. New Haven Museum, hands down.
    Disclaimer: I am a Board Member

  4. My favorite President's house in New England/New York is John and John Quincy Adam's Peacefield in Quincy, Massachusetts. Truly marvelous. The library house is to die for and worth the journey in itself. Oh be still my heart! In New York, Theodore Roosevelt's Sagamore Hill In Oyster Bay, Long island is also a joy.

    Favorite Presidential Museum is the JFK Library and Museum next to UMass/Boston on Columbia Point in Boston. Full disclosure for my admitted bias has to be given though, as I did most of my Graduate research there.

    For a smaller, local museum, I am partial to the Concord Museum in Concord, Massachusetts. Again, full disclosure, my signature/name gives away my bias.

    As always thank you to our delightful hostess for this oasis on the internet.

    The Concord Diaspora

  5. Setting aside New York City and Niagara Falls, in New York State the Corning Museum is the largest tourist attraction. It is a wonderful educational and sensory experience. Yet most New Englanders have never heard of it, and would have trouble finding Corning, New York on thé map. Don’t be one of them. Be there.

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  7. How about stretching the geographical limits to the Northeast a bit and including Campobello just across the Maine/Canadian border and not far from Lubec, Maine. It is of course the summer home of the Roosevelt family and of FDR and his wife Eleanor. The pictures of FDR as a young and athletic man before he was struck with polio are fascinating. Such a beautiful place on a stunning island!

    1. Very much on my list of places to go visit.

  8. I adore Peacefield--agree with the post above that the library alone is spectacular--it is one of my favorite places on the planet. I relive my experiences at Peacefield through David McCullough's book on John Adams.

    Martin Van Buren's home in Kinderhook, NY is really beautiful as well. (Only US President to be raised speaking Dutch as his first language!)

    Was at the FDR home, Springwood, last week. Looking a bit rough around the edges, thank you National Park Service, but that house is really quite livable. It's the quintessential WASP abode.

    As an aside, we missed getting into Wilderstein in Rhinebeck, but definitely making a trip back that way in Autumn.

    Cheers all.