Photo by Salt Water New England

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Around Town

Photos by Salt Water New England


  1. Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing these pictures of so many of the good things of summer. I must say that my favorite cucumbers are those that are so small that sometimes a bit of the bloom is still visible.

  2. Many of the photos in these around town posts bring to mind the poems of Donald Hall. Not just the black faced sheep, though I love those and Hall's poem named for them, but their recurrent themes of the beauty of nature and the sense of a desire to capture something of a time and place perhaps slipping away from us too fast.

  3. Thank you Muffy. It all looks so tranquil. If I took pictures of my town you would see a resurgence of retail stores, eateries and a few local brewers, the devastation of the retail hub-bub I knew as I was growing up as shopping centers and malls changed the landscape. Farms became townhouse developments and two lane roads became four lanes. It's nice to know there are still places like in your photos. I still dream of moving to mid-coast Maine - "The way life should be"

  4. All so very lovely. Thank you Muffy for all the wonderful photos.

  5. Beautiful. Thank you!

  6. Now that's the real thing, very enjoyable,very American....

  7. For years, your blog has helped me. The bigger images/easier to see, able to copy what I see in the pictures for better ideas, the given meals/recipes, workable clothing/outfits, general inspirations, where to buy/why. The armchair travel, porch/garden/interior set ups, the to try/do’s, gorgeous computer wallpaper, food for the soul, better my own photography, color schemes, remember when’s…and the list goes on. It all adds up, making a difference.
    Thank you.
    Snippets of comments are also found jewels.
    Thank you for brightening/opening up my world. You are so appreciated!

  8. I have a question for the forum and I admit that this might be a better question for a gardening forum. I am trying to grow Cherokee Purples. Mine are developing the dark spots and some splits at the top that the ones in the photo have. Is this a sign they are 'going bad'and not satisfactory to eat or nothing to worry about?

    1. I can answer part of your question. The splits occur from uneven watering. If you have a dry spell and then a good dose of rain the plants take in the water and the tomato "expands" or grows too fast causing the split. Even watering of the roots only is key for tomatoes. All this is advice my grandfather gave me eons ago.