Photo by Salt Water New England

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sun Tag

Photos by Salt Water New England
Even with precautions such as UV blocking museum glass, a goal is to keep old photographs, such as my father's of Louis Leakey, out of the direct sunlight.  However, each season brings different paths of light in the house, and once safe spots sometimes need to be vacated for more protected corners.


  1. Very true. After 7 plus years in this old house, I have regularly rearranged the artwork so as to avoid direct sun exposure. The really good stuff is in rooms or on walls that will never see a direct hit regardless of global warming. Cheers.

  2. Good that you're well aware of the problems from light-exposure — many people are not, and are shocked to see sun-bleaching and other damage after a few years.

    (Hope those photo prints have been processed for museum-archival permanence and are mounted on rag board with rag mattes.)

  3. I wonder if Computer Monitor anti glare film would help, it come in several sizes....

  4. Make sure all of your photos are framed using UV filtering glass. Any competent framer can redo these for you at nominal cost.