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Saturday, June 8, 2019

One "In Case You Missed It" and Two "No Worries if You Missed It"

In Case You Missed It (Sent by a reader):
Norman Fortier is best known nationally as a photographer, particularly for his maritime pictures of yachts and regattas taken in and around Buzzards Bay, Narragansett Bay, and other popular waters of New England.  However, Fortier was also a terrific watercol­or painter and his charming renderings of boats, people, and plac­es in his beloved Padanaram and farther afield also benefited from his gifted eye for light and composition.

No Worries If You Missed It:
Founder Arthur Cinader conceived J. Crew as a chicer women’s alternative to newly successful cataloguers Lands’ End and L. L. Bean—that would sell the Ralph Lauren look at half the price. Ralph had already laid claim to the landed-gentry sport of polo, so Cinader settled for crew, added a J for flourish, and shot the first catalogue at Harvard’s Weld Boathouse, home of the women’s crew team...
“There was a real drive to increase margins every season,” says one former employee. In meetings, Drexler—following his gut, as ever—would ask the same question over and over: What are you selling this for? If it was $49, his response was, Can you do $59? How about $69? And so on...  
"[W]e were screaming from the rooftops about how well-made this stuff is,” says a former employee. “Then you start to get tons of feedback: ‘I just washed this sweater once and now there’s holes in it.’ ”

The wife guy defines himself [online] through a kind of overreaction to being married. His wife hurt herself, and he filmed it. He is sexually attracted to his wife, and he talks about it as if he were some kind of hero...
He is worthy of suspicion because he appears to be using his devotion to his wife for personal gain... He has taken a rather sexist tradition — of men gaining social status through the physical appearance of their wives — and pitched it as a newly enlightened stance... 
Even the seemingly uncontroversial phrase “I love my wife” feels funny now... 


  1. J. Crew appears to continue its decline by the little things. I've reached the point where the only items I like from JC are regimental ties and "broken in" jersey polo shirts. I don't need many of the former and just noticed that the latter are no longer produced (and their replacement appears to be fashion junk). It would be nice to find a simple, lightweight jersey knit (not piqué) polo for weekends. Most US-made polo's are too heavyweight. Thanks & good luck, J. Crew!

  2. "crew team" is redundant. It's a crew. Period.

  3. In college, I stocked up on J. Crew's French terrycloth sweatshirts. This was back when the label still showed a rower holding an oar. I still have one, going strong. The others were lost along the way, as happens with things from college.