Photo by Salt Water New England

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Maine Mid-Coast in Mid-June

Photos by Salt Water New England

Past comment by MGC:
I can’t think of my father-in-law and Maine without sharing his favorite Maine story, told to him by a lobsterman. 
A visitor from Boston arrived one summer in Port Clyde on his large power boat, which had every navigational accoutrement known to man. He helped himself to an empty mooring, made cocktails, and spent the remainder of the day in a deck chair drinking with his wife. About five o’clock, he took his outboard dingy on an excursion, arriving back with a several lobsters he had looted from a local lobsterman’s trap; thereupon his wife made dinner.  
Sometime in the middle of the night, an unnamed citizen of Port Clyde rowed out to the power boat and with his rifle, took aim at the side window of the wheelhouse and fired a single shot that traveled diagonally through the window, directly over the wheel, exiting through the front windshield. The path of the bullet would have gone through a man standing at the wheel. 
The boat’s owner and his wife did not awaken, no doubt sleeping soundly through a day’s drinking, but the next morning, as several citizens watched from land, he quickly assessed the damage and calculated the deliberate angle of the shot. Within minutes, he was headed out of Port Clyde at high speed, leaving a sizable wake that rocked the lobster boats he passed.   
If Port Clyde has run out of old timers to keep this story alive, I trust I have done my duty.  


  1. As usual - just great. Thank you.

  2. You know, you should post numbers or letters by each of the harbor and coastline shots.

    That way making book on which harbor/island/coast is which would go a lot easier. The first to name them all correctly will get a "Bert & I" CD.

  3. Lovely pictures as always. I won't be able to enjoy time Down East as a result of taking some summer courses. I recognize many of the places pictured and can only enjoy from my desk chair. Thank you.

  4. What loverly photos they all are. My first two Maine coon cats looked very much like the one in this post.

  5. You have showcased the magic that isMaine!

  6. Just so very perfect! Truly the way life should be. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

  7. Pictures like these remind me that there are still moments of peace and solitude here, even when it's beginning to feel like the tourist season is more intrusive than ever, with weekends beginning on Thursdays and ending on Tuesdays. Only Wednesdays are for us Mainers, I suppose. A small reprieve for a couple of weeks after Labor Day, but short lived as Leaf Peeper season rolls back in like the tide. We know that we wouldn't survive nearly so well without the influx of spending from "away", but that doesn't make the Friday commute home feel much more tolerable. Found it interesting that they have shut down the Old Port Festival, with statements about it having done its job, perhaps too much, in bringing tourism into Portland. One good thing is that the tourists drove me to find out that there is little better than a cup of clam chowder in October at Two Lights during hurricane season. No lines, plenty of tables, and all the drama of a Stephen King novel. For a state full of people who love their privacy, we certainly earn it when it finally arrives.

    1. "One good thing is that the tourists drove me to find out that there is little better than a cup of clam chowder in October at Two Lights during hurricane season."

      Funny! I'll have to give it a try then.

  8. Thanks for the eloquent photo essay. I love the first one and think I know the house well. I believe we inquired if it were abandoned and for sale once and learned the owner likes to keep it just that way--rustic. And it's lupine season and I am missing it---again. Sob!

  9. Believe ADG has weighed in on The Trad re rear window decals/stickers. My daily beater is a 1992 245 sans stickers.

  10. Thank you for this gift.
    You and your works are appreciated, you are a jewel!

  11. That yachtsman must have been plenty saturated to mess with those lobster traps. That's stealing--very un-Maine.