Photo by Salt Water New England

Monday, June 17, 2019

Huntsman Mackintosh | from Cordings of Piccadilly - Made in the UK

Photos by Salt Water New England
When it comes to iconic raincoats today, the famous rubberised Macintosh coats may stand alone.  And the Huntsman Mackintosh from Cordings of Piccadilly is a truly superb example, beautifully made by hand in the UK using the unique bonding process that dates back to 1824.

"The core material in a classic Mackintosh coat is the bonded cotton fabric - two layers of cotton bonded together with rubber that is dyed to perfectly match the outer cotton layers so there is no show-through." (Mackintosh)
"Once the pieces of a coat have been cut into the correct patterns, they are sewn, united and sealed using a special type of glue that is applied by finger." (Mackintosh)
Shown here in Khaki with a brown corduroy collar, it also comes in the lighter Fawn.
"Once the pieces are glued together a water-resistant tape is attached by hand and then pressed over any exposed seams to make sure there is no water intrusion. This elaborate production process results in a very limited number of garments being produced each year making sure the quality is of the highest standard." (Mackintosh)


  1. These are very handsome and equally waterproof but they get sticky in a hurry.

    1. I had the opportunity to buy a limited edition Mackintosh at pretty much a 5th of the price, but passed purely due to the way these things sweat up in no time.

      I'd only wear one for walking from the car into work. Anything more strenuous and I'd probably boil in my own sweat!

  2. I'm a sucker for Tweed and canvas holdalls/bags . We have a room full of them from various British manufacturers . These are nice ones too !

  3. A timeless classic. Thank you.

  4. Just looked - they have £100 off these in their sale, definitely making me think of buying one, the navy with yellow lining is very smart....

  5. Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.