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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Three Questions

Some articles for consideration:

Should museums and schools accept filthy lucre?

Is Nantucket now just a resort, having made their Faustian bargain?

"Volvo gave all automakers free license to use the belt design."  If you were a Volvo investor, would you approve?


  1. Great questions to ponder over. Thanks so much.

  2. Re: Nantucket —

    What else does the island have that could serve as the basis for an economy in today's world? And if the answer isn't zero (or very close to it), what would be the drop in the standard of living for year-round islanders if the resort economy went away and they had to survive on whatever else it has?

    Monhegan Island in Maine booms in summer with tourists. But it has a small year-round population based on fishing (lobster mostly, although green crabs look to be replacing lobsters as the Gulf of Maine warms up).

    Tourists and the resort traffic could disappear from Monhegan because there's a real economy there, even if it's a hardscrabble one. But Nantucket...?

    Happy to be proven wrong —

  3. The question moreso about Nantucket is how the island has changed. The culture among summer residents has shifted dramatically, particularly with the younger generations. I barely can decipher the difference between the Hamptons and Nantucket these days.

  4. I would love to hear your views on article #1. It's a hard read because I want to view museums as bastions of civility. In reality, these sort of conundrums have gone on, and continue to go on, in every major museum with every board.

  5. I love the simplicity, purity, singularity of function and form and joy of the classic volvos. I think that newer volvos are becoming perhaps a sort of "computer on wheels". I just came across this interview with the well known english actor - John Rhys-Davies who talks about running Volvos and why he chooses 1990s-and-older Volvos over exotic sports cars and anything under the sun he can afford. I noticed that his practical and common sense english sensibility seems to have a lot in common with (what I would term) the hands-on "DIY prep" ethos.

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