Photo by Salt Water New England

Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Braided Leather Angle Tote from Lotuff Leather - Made by Hand in New England

Photo by Salt Water New England
It would be difficult to overstate the exceptional handwork, quality, beauty and sheen of this Lotuff Leather Braided Leather Angle Tote.  And it is easy to imagine that for some people, this bag would be their everywhere bag.  It fits in at a gallery as easily as the office, it is big enough for an event or travel, and it makes for a perfect gift.
Substantial enough to stand up on its own.

Shown Here in Chocolate
The straps will feel familiar to anyone who has ridden with laced reins.

Hand Braided
Made from hand selected vegetable dyed leather, it is large, roomy and has a YKK zippered inside pocket.

Solid brass collar buttons keep it snug but leave enough room to reach in and grab a wallet or keys.

Made by Hand in New England