Photo by Salt Water New England

Monday, April 1, 2019

Lambswool Crewneck Jumper from Cordings of Piccadilly - Made in Scotland

Photos by Salt Water New England
The design, comfort, and versatility of the Lambswool Crewneck Jumper has made it a core item of many wardrobes, and Cording's - beautifully made in Scotland - exemplifies why.
This is also the last week of the Cordings Shirt Sale <>

Made in Scotland


  1. Certainly nothing in this series of pictures that I don’t find very pleasing.

  2. Do you have the your shirts from Cordings tailored? Does the mans small equate to a womens large?

    1. At 5'8', I find that Women's shirts are often too short for me in general. With their Men's shirts, I wear the smallest size they offer (15) which is perfect through the shoulders, chest, and just a tad long in the arms. Their tattersalls have notoriously long tails so they can stay tucked in while still allowing for movement, so I just wear them out, which can look a bit odd, but given I wear jumpers and jackets on the long side, it hasn't been a problem. In my mind, if length was a problem, it would be worth it to have them shortened as otherwise they are terrific shirts.

  3. Lovely lovely lovely

  4. All so very lovely.