Photo by Salt Water New England

Sunday, April 28, 2019

From the 60s

Photos by Salt Water New England


  1. A seemingly less threating and violent time.

    1. For some, perhaps, less so for others. There was of course the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall (1961) and Crisis, Vietnam, miscellaneous wars in Africa and the Middle East and the assignations of the Kennedys. But the music was good and Rovers and Land-Rovers, MGs, and Triumphs were available.

  2. The man in the boat with the brown hair looks awfully familiar.

    I really miss the good ole days.

  3. Such wonderful photos. Thank you.

  4. Thistle Class! You used to see Thistle and Lightning class boats everywhere. I can't remember the last time I saw either.

  5. Interesting comments. The '60s were "coming of age" years for me. Very preppy, fun times in the early '60s, greater social/civic awareness in the mid '60s and still very preppy, away at college in the late '60s -- quite aware and concerned about Vietnam, how we treated Americans who were not white, and where the country was headed. I'm nostalgic about the early '60s since I was young enough not to fully understand or appreciate the Soviet threat, other brewing world issues, and how ashamed we should be of treatment of minorities/others not enjoying liberties they deserved. Many good things, of course, were part of the '60s, but I don't think those days were "kinder, gentler times."

  6. Third shot is of the steps of Hill House @CRH. In the 80s a pizza truck would drive up to those steps and sell pizza to us for half an hour before room check @9:30PM. Rumor was the pizza guy also sold drugs to the students... I never saw it but 50/50 chance that was true, it was the 80s after all...