Photo by Salt Water New England

Monday, April 29, 2019

An Always-Handy Basket of Napkins

Photo by Salt Water New Engalnd


  1. Very true and it is disappointing that so many restaurants do not provide cotton napkins or use cotton tablecloths.

    It's also handy to have a bunch of white cotton hankies available. The famous Jermyn Street shirtmakers used to sell them by the dozen at bargain prices.

  2. Wondering where one finds good quality napkins these days? Seems I've been saddled with inferior ones lately! ARH

    1. Wondering the same thing. PA

    2. I buy my new table linens from Sferra but I also use my inherited fine linens. Sferra has beautiful colors in the Festival table line. I have many of their tablecloths, place mats and napkins in an assortment of colors. They wash well and last for many years ( I've never had one that ripped or frayed). I found a few sets of brand new embroidered Sferra napkins on Ebay that are gorgeous.

  3. I've bought nice ones at estate sales. And napkins are pretty easy to make, I've made some for everyday use from an old tablecloth (as I'm trying to reduce the amount of paper products we buy). Then either machine wash with other linens or hand wash in soapy dishwater.