Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Introducing the New Wayfarer Jacket from Cordings

Photos by Salt Water New England
 New this season from Cordings of Piccadilly is their outstanding Khaki Wayfarer Jacket for Men.  It keeps within their tradition of garments that are carefully designed, locally made, and as useful in the field as it is in town.  Made in England, the Wayfarer Jacket has significant presence.
Shown here with:
Side Vents and Laid on Half Belt - Shown Here in a Men's Size Medium

A Smart Yorkshire Cotton Blend Check Lining

Sleeve Pocket

The (Highly) Water Resistant Scottish Super Dry Wax and Calf Leather Elbow Patches

Buffalo Horn Buttons and Piped Calf Leather Pocket Trim

Made in England


  1. Very nice! Thank you.

  2. What size are you wearing?

  3. Super! I was looking at this jacket and wanted to order it, but was unsure of the sizing. Thank you.

  4. Another great jacket from Cordings (everything they offer is of the very best quality, and they've become my favorite clothing shop.)

    I might add that your new sailboat logo looks splendid, and is a welcome harbinger of warmer days to come.

    1. I like the new logo too. Very nice.


  5. I love your whole look. What pants are you wearing?