Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Thinking Ahead

Photo by Salt Water New England


  1. Be here before you know it!

  2. All gardeners are optimists! Who cares if the squash got bugs or the tomatoes were devoted by groundhogs. Spring is right around the corner! Time for a fresh start.

  3. I feel like winter hasn't really started yet...it's been so warm!

  4. Got my first AM transistor radio in the 50's, at age 8 or 9, with the points I earned selling vegetable seeds door to door in the spring. Simpler times it would seem, until we remember the atom bomb drills that had us all diving under our desks. I never understood how that would help. Tornadoes, flying glass, I got that. But ... oh well. Rambling.

    1. I always said, " pull up a lawn chair, grab a beer and watch the fireworks". Who the heck would want to survive a nuclear attack- especially if you had to live on canned veggies in an underground bunker for many years?

  5. I can't wait until it's gardening time. My bulbs are already coming up in the gardens! Normally, I don't see a daffodil until the end of February. I'm concerned they won't survive a deep prolonged freeze- if that ever comes. My milkweed seeds are in the frig stratifying for planting in a few weeks. My two large indoor bulb gardens are blooming and my entire house smells of hyacinth fragrance.