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Friday, January 4, 2019

S.W.N.E. Acronym List

Photos by Salt Water New England

  • B2 (as in BSquared) - Brooks Bros.
BDA - Bermuda
  • G&T - Gin and Tonic
  • GTH - Go To Hell (Pants)
  • HENRYs - High Earners, Not Rich Yet
  • LAX - Lacrosse (not the airport)
  • NEIRA - New England Interscholastic Rowing Association Championships
  • NOKD -   Not Our Kind Dear
  • NYSE - New York Stock Exchange
  • OCBD - Oxford Cloth Button Down
  • OEUE - Over Educated, Under Employed
  • OSV - Old Sturbridge Village;  for those who love to study New England farming life <>
  • PA - Phillips Andover
  • PEI - Prince Edward Island (Oyster)
  • PFA - People from Away
  • TDF - To Die For
  • WASP - White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
  • WHOI - funny acronym for a very serious place—the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute <>
  • ___YC - Fill-in-the-blank Yacht Club
The colloquial definition of acronym is being used here.  Technically,  an acronym is an abbreviation that is spoken as a word (radar, NASA) rather than spoken spelled out. More may be added based on comments.


  1. SITCOM - single income two children outrageous mortgage

    1. In the old days when I began using a computer and chatting with friends via Skype or some other chat room, I noticed that they would often respond to my comments with "LOL". I thought that it meant Lots Of Love and I became terribly confused and annoyed with their inappropriate response and finally asked they meant. Oh! Hahahaha!

      My grandparents always ended their telephone conversations with LYD (Love You Darling)and when I listened closely, it sounded like a baby saying "alrighty" or alwhytee. I thought she was saying, ' alrighty, bye' in a childish voice which seemed so out of character for her. One day, I asked my grandmother what she was saying and she told me how they had created this secret code to communicate their love for each other when in professional or formal settings.

    2. One for people struggling with the use of modern technology... PICNIC - Problem in Chair Not In Computer.

    3. My father always signed his emails to us with LOL - he also thought it meant lots of love and we never corrected him :)

  2. AKC - American Kennel Club
    CAVU- Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited
    FIA - Federation Internationale du l’Automobile
    FIS - Federation Internationale de Ski
    MIF - Milk In First
    NOAA - National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration
    RAC - Royal Automobile Club
    SMTC - St. Moritz Tobogganing Club
    VSCCA - Vintage Sports Car Club of America

  3. AYS - Aren't You Special
    BYLH - Bless Your Little Heart
    OCD - Of Course, Dear
    FA - From Abroad
    CCAT - Cape Cod Annoying Tourists
    MDA - Mayflower Descendants Apparently
    AFS - Artsy Free Spirit

  4. CRH - Choate Rosemary Hall
    NEPSSA - New England Prep School Swimming Association

  5. BYOB - you should know that one.
    RSCDS - Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society
    RAF - Royal Air Force, on behalf of a late family member
    POSH - Port out, starboard home
    VES - Virginia Episcopal School
    EHS - Episcopal High School
    VTS - Virginia Episcopal Seminary

  6. MITA- Maine Isand Trail Association

  7. MX - Middlesex School, Concord, MA

  8. I've enjoyed and gotten a giggle from the ones posted.I'm sure we all have some from where we live. We have:
    MOPs = Morgan Owners of Philadelphia (This applies to Morgan cars, but it also might apply to Morgan horses.)
    BBL&B - Burke, Brewer, Lawton and Burke(our investment group)
    DVGRR- Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue
    NOCD- Not Our Class Dear
    PENN- short for University of Pennsylvania
    SAS- Saint Andrews School (DE)

  9. PA means Phillips Academy and not Phillips Andover, despite Andover being the school's location.

    1. And despite the fact it’s universally known in shorthand as “Andover”

  10. YUAG- Yale University Art Gallery
    YCBA- Yale Center for British Art
    St. Grottlesex- St. Paul's, St Mark's, St. George's, Groton, Middlesex
    USPA- United States Polo Assn.

  11. EPIRB - Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon

    1. Radar - Radio Detection And Ranging
      Scuba - Self contained underwater breathing apparatus
      Loran - long range navigation

    2. USCG - United States Coast Guard
      USCGAUX - United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

  12. What would we do without our acronyms! I've worked in the field of acronyms for the past 19 years: the IT field. LOL They just become second nature. --Holly in PA