Photo by Salt Water New England

Saturday, January 26, 2019

F.L. Woods' Yankee Crew - Made in the US

Photos by Salt Water New England
F.L. Woods' Yankee Crew in Navy has quickly become a favorite.
Good for Layering
I sized up to get my normal fit.  Made in the USA.
Might need a bit of tidying.....


  1. Mercer's Bond tattersall has become my favorite weekend shirt (I now have two).

  2. How does the Yankee Crew jumper compare with the Guernsey? Which one do you prefer?

    1. The Guernsey is a heavier and more densely knit garment, so the Yankee Crew is better for layering under a tweed field coat, if I am going to be going in and out of buildings as I do errands for example. If I were going to be outside for longer periods of time, I would layer with the Guernsey. Different beasts.

    2. I bought Guernseys from Woolovers a few years ago for the kids. They look great and have held up with only occasional use.

    3. Many thanks for the feedback. I'll get a Guernsey this weekend having recently found a local retailer that offers navy and ecru versions. Btw, the Cordings sale officially ends tomorrow.