Photo by Salt Water New England

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Guernseys: Le Tricoteur and Guernsey Woollens

Le Tricoteur - Photos by Salt Wate New England
Le Tricoteur and Guernsey Woollens each produce Guernsey jumpers.  While I like both, there are differences.

Le Tricoteur,  using English worsted wool,  is more tightly woven and the cuffs keep their shape better. 

Guernsey Woollens has a softer (British sourced) wool, which does not keep its shape as well and the cuffs do get baggy, but their shade of Navy is a bit brighter which is slightly more preferable.  They also offer them in tall sizes.

While both are terrific, if I could only choose one, it would be Le Tricoteur.  It feels the most durable and somewhat more authentic, even though both are made on Guernsey.  Flattering, warm, and tough, these are core items that are worn often.

Le Tricoteur

Guernsey Woollens


  1. Muffy, I bought gurnseys for the kids from your suggested Woolovers two years ago because of finances and practicality. I didn't want to have to worry about expensive sweaters going missing. Now they are older I will definitely go with these suggestions. I'm sure the quality is great. Going to treat myself to one now. Will also have a look at Cordings. Thanks for the tip Ken.

  2. I have one Guernsey from each purveyor, and I love them equally, different but both very worthwhile.

  3. Do any retailers in the Northeast carry these sweaters? Many thanks!

  4. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Many thanks for your guidance. Your descriptions suggest that my local retailer (about 15 miles away) sources the jumpers from Guernsey Woollens. It's website, unlike Guernsey Jumpers, offers to supply in bulk to trade customers Alternatively, it could be an unknown British supplier.

    I would prefer to buy an authentic Guernsey and the Le Tricoteur garment sounds perfect. The best solution could be to buy wool jumpers from Le Tricoteur and cotton jumpers (good quality is hard to find) from Guernsey Woollens. I'll update you later.

  6. The sweater that I tried was apparently made in Cornwall and had a local Cornish pattern. It is very misleading to market it as a "Guernsey". It was good value for money but the fit was not right for me. I'll try to find a Le Tricoteur retailer, most likely Chandlery on the south coast. It may, however, be easier to get a Guernsey Woollens jumper.