Saturday, December 15, 2018

Bags - Leather and Tweed

Photo by Salt Water New England
Lotuff Leather Satchel #9 and Cordings of Piccadilly Tweed Holdall in their house check.  ( A surprisingly good camera bag. )


  1. I'm not sure whether Cordings tweed holdall will be as waterproof as my bonded cotton version that I bought a few years ago. Sadly, Cordings only sells the tweed bags now but the bonded cotton bags are still available from Chapman Bags and other stockists in three colours.

  2. As you'll be aware , Cordings holdalls are Chapman facilitated , and it's good to see a UK manufacturer providing this product . Together with Brady and Billingham , England has the entire field of specialist luggage covered nicely. We've purchased dozens of products over the decades by these companies , and they're all good . It's also reassuring that Le Chameau have maintained quality after their recent factory relocation ; I held my breath for a while there ...