Sunday, November 4, 2018

Reader Question: Canes

Reader question:
I'm looking for an elegant cane. I've had one knee replaced and will have the other one done, too. The metal canes are so ugly/depressing! 
Thanks all!


  1. Fashionable Canes has many beautiful canes to choose from. My mother has a black beechwood canes with brass trim and a Derby handle. I agree wooden canes are more elegant than the therapeutic ones!

  2. Should I need it, my future cane already awaits me. Generations of my (English) forebears have used and passed on an elegant black cane adorned with an engraved silver band at the base of the crook handle. I would suggest searching for an antique, if you want elegance.

    1. Elegance is fine — provided the cane in question is sized right for the person who needs it. A knee replacement is tougher to recover from than a hip replacments, although both require "assistive devices," as the term has it.

      The point is to aid mobility, rather than striking (hah!) a fashion note.

    2. Nope, fashion and workhorse… some are even shortened for free

  3. There's plenty of choice to suit all tastes and budgets at the famous James Smith of London -

  4. Ditto on Fashionable Canes. They will size to fit your height and have quite a few options.

  5. When I was deliberating about this: At first I thought perhaps a cane with a padded handle wrapped in leather. I perused the internet in earnest looking for just the right cane, something stylish that suited me.

    As I continued to ponder, I thought about how I prefer rimless eyeglasses. I generally tend to shy away from calling attention to utilitarian things by making them decorative. For example, I never quite understood people using a "decorative" switchplate. Why would I want to call attention to a light switch plate?

    Please forgive the digression. In the end, I decided to follow Gore Vidal's example and go with a simple, classic wooden cane.